Automatic parking
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Automatic parking

5300 * 1900 * 1500 / 2050mm

Construction weight


Traction device


Mode of operation

buttons / touch screen / ID card

Lifting speed


Mountain speed slip


Number of levels

2 levels


AC 50Hz 3-phase 380V

* The value of the parameters can vary, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Automatic parking: scope, purpose, principle of operation and benefits of use

Puzzle type automatic parking is a specialized mechanism designed to optimize the process of parking and storing cars in modern conditions. Belongs to the category Car Lifts.

The main objective of this device is the ability to comfortably accommodate a large number of cars in tight spaces.

Mechanized parking: principle of operation

Pallets on the upper parking level move exclusively in a vertical plane. The parking places of the lower level move along the guide rails only horizontally to the right / left by one position (parking space). Thus, at the lower level, there is always one completely free space left, to allow the pallet to move to the side and to free up space for lowering the upper pallet, on which the car that can be lowered / raised can be placed.

At the same time, the upper platforms can shift left / right. As a result, the free space necessary for the descent / ascent is formed.

Automatic parking: access features

Entrance and exit of the car is carried out by access code, magnetic card or key, individual for each owner, so parking does not require the constant presence of the operator.

Mechanized parking: directions for use

This type of lifting equipment is advisable to apply in the following places:

  • Shopping malls with high density cars.
  • Commercial and private parking.
  • Office buildings.
  • Multi-storey houses, hotels and hotels.
  • Car dealerships and car services.
  • Stations and airports.

Automatic parking: visualization of work

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Parking complex: security systems

Among the main elements of the security system should be noted:

  • Optical sensors along the parking perimeter;
  • Emergency stop mechanism;
  • Sag / break sensors;
  • Mechanical locks fixing the platform;
  • Light / sound indication.

Robotic parking and advantages of ordering at DIASON:

  1. Space saving.
  2. A significant increase in the number of parking spaces.
  3. Durability and ease of maintenance.
  4. All components for lifts are made only by well-known European manufacturers;
  5. A wide selection of options for more efficient and safe operation;
  6. The minimum equipment warranty is 24 months;
  7. All design and manufacturing processes take place at one enterprise – from the creation of the drawing to the delivery of equipment to the finished goods warehouse.

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