Cargo lift
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Cargo lift
Carrying capacity

up to 20t

Lifting height

up to 9m

Platform dimensions

up to 12 * 3m

Platform Coverage Type

corrugated / smoothly painted sheet of metal

Basic equipment

platform, scissor mechanism, frame, hydraulic cylinders, control cabinet, control panel, hydraulic station, security system

Optional equipment

ramp, guard rail, material – stainless steel / galvanized

Warranty period

from 24 months (upon conclusion of a service contract – 36 months)

* The value of the parameters can vary, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Cargo lift: description, specifications and features

Hydraulic lifting table for bulky goods: design features

The lift for large loads is one of the variations of the hydraulic lift, which is distinguished by an elongated platform and increased carrying capacity. The device is suitable for lifting large-sized cargo with oblong proportions and any other bulky objects to a great height, the maximum value of which depends on the number of rows of scissor-type mechanisms in the structure and easily increases at the request of the customer.

The device consists of a mechanical and electro-hydraulic part. The mechanical part includes a reinforced upper platform, a reinforced scissor lift and a base. The electro-hydraulic part has the following main details: electric motor, pump, hydraulic cylinders, oil tank, control panel, control panel. The hydroelectric station can be placed either on the base (built-in) or outside the lift (remote).

The length of the platform and the maximum lifting height are closely related to the number of scissor mechanisms in the device. Height is increased by adding horizontal rows. And the length of the platform, in order to comply with safety regulations, is proportional to the length of the row. This minimizes the risk of swinging the loading platform and premature failure of the scissor mechanisms.

Features of installing a lifting table for bulky goods

This type of lifting equipment requires pre-installation of the embedded plate, as the whole structure has significant weight. In most cases, preparation of a deeper pit may be required. In the remaining components, the procedure is identical to the installation of conventional hydraulic lifting tables.

Scope of use of elevators for overall cargo

The design feature of these lifting tables makes them convenient for loading and unloading at enterprises in the following areas:

  • Production;
  • Warehouses
  • Wholesale Companies;
  • Supermarkets and retail stores
  • Transport enterprises;
  • Service sector, etc.

Advantages of DIASON hydraulic lift tables for oversized loads:

  • all components for lifting tables are made only by well-known European manufacturers;
  • wide range of options for more efficient and safe operation;
  • a hydroelectric station of our own design and production that takes into account 10 years of experience in the construction of lifting equipment
  • minimum hardware warranty is 24 months
  • all design and manufacturing processes take place at one enterprise – from the creation of the drawing to the delivery of equipment to the finished goods warehouse.

DIASON bulk lift price

The exact cost of manufacturing each of the lifts is always individually formed. When pricing, the dimensions and carrying capacity of the product, as well as the wishes of the customer for optional equipment, are taken into account.

Order manufacturing and buy a lift for bulk cargo

Technical specialists of our company are ready to design and manufacture a hydraulic lifting table for bulky goods of any scale and complexity – from a typical to a unique exclusive solution.

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