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Power transmission



Die cast aluminum


2 coupling halves and rubber buffers

Pump Compatibility

Pumps of European production with conical shafts, as well as with splined shafts (from NSh4 to NSh10)

* The value of the parameters can vary, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Couplings from the company DIASON

The coupling is a special device designed to connect the ends of the shafts and the parts freely sitting on them to transmit torque.

The coupling transmits mechanical energy without changing its size.

DIASON specializes in the manufacture of cam clutches.

Couplings: technical parameters

Electric motor power: from 0.37kW to 15kW.

Execution material: aluminum alloy (molding under pressure).

Pump Coupling Compatibility

Our products are compatible with both European-made pumps with conical shafts and standard models with NSh splined shafts (from NSh4 to NSh100)

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