Inclined belt conveyor
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Inclined belt conveyor
Conveyor length

1000mm – according to the terms of reference

Tape width

100 – 2000mm


250mm – according to the terms of reference

Belt speed

0.2 – 4m/s

Drive power


Tilt angle

0 – 50 degrees


General purpose or food grade

Frame material

Structural steel/stainless steel


Powder coating, hot dip galvanizing, industrial enamel

* The value of the parameters can vary, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Inclined belt conveyor: description, characteristics and features

An inclined belt conveyor is one of the types of continuous conveying equipment with a working body in the form of an inclined belt.

An inclined conveyor has no fundamental differences from a horizontal belt conveyor, its main feature is the ability to set the elevation angle, the value of which directly depends on the type of transported cargo and varies in the range of 20-45 degrees.

Inclined belt conveyor: scope

It can be used for transportation of piece, lumpy and bulk products. It is suitable for sorting lines, as well as for organizing work in warehouses and bases.

The scope of application of inclined conveyors is very extensive:

  • ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy;
  • mining industry (mines and mines);
  • agriculture;
  • chemical and petrochemical sphere;
  • food and light industry, etc.

Inclined belt conveyor: principle of operation

An inclined belt conveyor moves products from bottom to top and, vice versa, at different angles of inclination depending on the type of product.

To prevent spilling of products and downloading to the bottom of the conveyor, when transporting at an angle of more than 30 °, a tape with a chevron and a corrugated board is used, depending on the type of product: piece, lumpy, loose.

Products are transported from the loading point to the unloading point with speed and productivity in accordance with the terms of reference.

Inclined belt conveyor: installation features

When installing the conveyor at a fixed place of work, it is necessary to adhere to all installation requirements, as well as follow all instructions for operating the equipment.

It is necessary to take into account the height of the ceilings of the room (does not apply to open areas), the ceiling should not interfere with the upper part of the conveyor.

Design and manufacture of inclined belt conveyors

Conveyors can be made of stainless or structural steel with paint coating.

Various types of rubber-fabric belts, plastic modular belts, as well as metal meshes are used as a conveyor belt.

The conveyor can be made both in stationary and mobile (mobile) versions.

Types of inclined belt conveyors

  1. Mobile Inclined Belt Conveyo
  2. Stationary Inclined Belt Conveyor

Inclined belt conveyor: optional equipment

At the request of the customer, they are completed with additional elements: protective covers and sides, speed control devices, safety sensors, devices for dumping and redirecting the product, using pneumatics.

Benefits of DIASON Inclined Belt Conveyors

  1. all components for conveyors are made only by well-known European manufacturers;
  2. a wide range of options for more efficient and safe operation;
  3. components of our own design and production take into account in their design the company’s 10 years of experience in the production of lifting equipment;
  4. minimum hardware warranty is 24 months;
  5. all design and manufacturing processes take place at one enterprise – from the creation of a drawing to the delivery of equipment to the warehouse of finished products.

Price for inclined conveyor DIASON

The exact cost of manufacturing each of the conveyors is always formed individually. When forming the price, the dimensions and complexity of the product, as well as the customer’s wishes for optional equipment, are taken into account.

Order the manufacture and buy an inclined belt conveyor

The technical specialists of our company are ready to design and manufacture an inclined belt conveyor of any scale and complexity – from a typical to a unique exclusive solution.

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