Mechanical unloading bridge
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Mechanical unloading bridge
Platform dimensions

2*1m or 1.5*1.5m

Carrying capacity

up to 6t

Working stroke

+/- 250mm

Basic equipment

Platform, spring mechanism

Optional equipment

Traverse for horizontal movement, a winch for raising a platform

Guarantee period

from 24 months (upon conclusion of a service contract – 36 months)

* The value of the parameters can vary, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Mechanical unloading bridge: description, characteristics and features

Hinged bridge: design features

The mechanical unloading bridge is a structural variation of the dock platform, which is made in the form of a bridge that leans back from the loading ramp onto the car body. Used to compensate for the height difference between the vehicle and the receiving flyover.

The basis of the design is made up of the following components: anti-skid platform, traverse, guards (if necessary), ramp and spring (their number depends on load capacity).

At the time of arrival of the car with the load, the dock leveler is lowered to the edge of its body until the ramp reaches a single plane. If the height of the floor in the body is the same as the height of the platform, it will turn out to be almost ideal for overloading 180 degrees. If the heights are different, a mechanical folding bridge compensates for them. After the overload is completed, the bridge returns to its initial position by the dispatcher from the control panel. Compensation springs allow you to fold and deploy the bridge in about one minute.

Mechanical unloading bridge: installation features

The most common are 2 options for installing hinged bridges:

  1. Stationary. It is fixed at one unloading point: this benefits the maximum withstand load, and, in most cases, this is quite enough for a medium-large company that receives cargo less than five times a day.
  2. Sliding. Allows you to move the bridge along the platform. This makes it possible to quickly unload several vehicles. The bridge will move along the guide rail from one car to another along the ramp. Basically, this decision is resorted to by large companies with a large flow of cars for loading and unloading.

As for the installation itself, there are no special requirements for the installation location.

Hinged bridge: scope

The use of such devices will be an excellent solution for:

  • Warehouses and wholesale bases
  • Points of delivery of online stores
  • Loading areas of courier services
  • Reception areas of hypermarkets
  • Reception areas of restaurants, bars, and cafes
  • Industrial areas, etc.

DIASON drop mechanical unloading bridge bridge: benefits

  • allow to speed up the reception and delivery of goods and reduce the number of employees involved.
  • all components for lifts are made only by well-known European manufacturers;
  • wide range of options for more efficient and safe operation;
  • minimum equipment warranty is 24 months;
  • all design and manufacturing processes take place at one enterprise – from the creation of the drawing to the delivery of equipment to the finished goods warehouse

DIASON mechanical unloading bridge price

The exact cost of manufacturing each of the bridges is always individually formed. When pricing, the dimensions and carrying capacity of the product, as well as the wishes of the customer for optional equipment, are taken into account.

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