Oil pumping station
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Oil pumping station
Drive power




Working volume

0.25-100 cm cube / rev

Type of control

Manual / Electric

* The value of the parameters can vary, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Oil pumping station: description, features, characteristics

What is a oil pumping station / hydrostation?

A oil station or hydrostation is a special device that controls the flow of liquid and converts the resulting energy into mechanical energy.

Hydro station: complete set

The standard equipment includes:

  • Engine
  • Bell
  • Coupling
  • Gear pump
  • Mounting plate with valve group (or distributor)
  • Tank (selected individually)

Additional options to the gydro station can be:

  • Hydraulic locks
  • Modular valves
  • Manometers, etc.

Hydro station: principle of action

The prime mover (e.g. electric motor) transmits the torque to the hydraulic pump via a coupling. The working fluid is sucked up by the pump from the hydraulic tank through the suction filter, then it is piped to the control and distribution hydraulic equipment and then to the actuator. After completing the work, the working fluid through the pipeline and the drain filter returns to the hydraulic tank.

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