Rotary conveyor
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Rotary conveyor
Conveyor length

up to 15000 mm

Conveyor width

up to 1500 mm


250 mm – according to the terms of reference

Travel speed

0.2 – 4 m/s

Drive power

10-2050 kW


20 – 4000 kg (depending on TK)

Center distance of rollers

20 mm – according to the terms of reference

Angle of rotation

0 – 360˚

frame material

Structural steel, stainless steel


Powder coating, hot dip galvanizing, industrial enamel

* The value of the parameters can vary, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Rotary conveyor: description, characteristics and features

Turning conveyors or rotary roller tables are a type of conveyors that move various goods over short distances. It consists of a group of rollers, the axes of which are fixed in a frame mounted on racks.

The main feature of the rotary roller table is that on its basis it is possible to build a production line of the required configuration. The rotation angle of such equipment reaches up to 180 degrees, thanks to which it is possible to bend around corners, turn to another room, and feed products to the next equipment. It can be both driven and non-driven.

Rotary roller table: scope

Rotary roller tables are used to move non-bulk goods (containers, pallets, boxes, boxes, pallets, stacks of plate and sheet materials, long loads, such as rolled metal, timber and lumber, bars, etc.), in the case when the use of belt conveyors impossible or impractical.

The scope of application of rotary conveyors is very extensive:

  • energy;
  • mining;
  • food industry;
  • woodworking;
  • construction;
  • food and light industries.

Rotary conveyors: principle of operation

The rotary drive roller table is used in a horizontal position, if necessary, moving with a change in the direction of the load from the conveyor to the conveyor.

Gravity rotary roller table is used in an inclined position, when transporting cargo down the premises, warehouse.

Rotary conveyors: installation features

При установке конвейера на место работы необходимо придерживаться всех требований монтажа, требований нормативной документации предприятия, а также следовать всем инструкциям эксплуатации оборудования.

Необходимо учитывать окружающую среду места установки транспортера, во избежание коррозии рамы, роликов и металлического комплектующего транспортера.

Design and manufacture of a rotary conveyor

These parameters depend on the environment and scope of operation of the conveyor:

  1. For food production, the roller table is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  2. Structural steel is used in logistics.
  3. Rolled metal, lumber and similar areas, galvanized steel is used to make the conveyor.

The conveyor can be manufactured both in stationary and mobile (mobile) versions.

Rotary roller table: types

  1. Mobile rotary roller table.
  2. Stationary rotary roller table.

Rotary roller table: optional equipment

At the request of the customer, they are completed with additional elements: protective covers and sides, speed control devices, safety sensors, devices for dumping and redirecting the product, using pneumatics.

Benefits of rotary roller tables from DIASON

  1. All components for conveyors are made only by well-known European manufacturers.
  2. A wide range of options for more efficient and safe operation.
  3. Components of our own design and production take into account in their design the company’s 10 years of experience in the production of lifting and transporting equipment
  4. The minimum hardware warranty is 24 months.
  5. All design and manufacturing processes take place at one enterprise – from the creation of a drawing to the delivery of equipment to the warehouse of finished products.

Price for rotary roller table DIASON

The exact cost of manufacturing each of the conveyors is always formed individually. When forming the price, the dimensions and complexity of the product, as well as the customer’s wishes for optional equipment, are taken into account.

Order production and buy a rotary conveyor

The technical specialists of our company are ready to design and manufacture a rotary conveyor of any scale and complexity – from a typical to a unique exclusive solution.

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