Service maintenance
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Service maintenance
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Service maintenance of lifting equipment: types, description and features

Why do you need service maintenance for lifting equipment

Service maintenance from DIASON is a set of services for monitoring and maintaining operability, as well as preventing potential and eliminating equipment breakdowns and malfunctions.

Regular maintenance of the components and mechanisms of the elevator will ensure a long term safe and trouble-free operation of the equipment, as well as avoid possible malfunctions during its operation.

When purchasing DIASON lifting equipment and concluding a service contract, the customer receives a 24-month warranty on the equipment supplied. Other options are also possible by agreement.

What is included in the standard service from DIASON

  • inspection of the functioning of the traction unit rollers;
  • control of the lift blocking system;
  • control (if necessary adjustment) of limit switches, electromagnetic locks;
  • checking the tension of the anchor bolts;
  • cleaning of all rubbing surfaces and friction pairs (rollers, chains, etc.);
  • cleaning the hydraulic station from dirt and dust;
    wear control of friction units;
  • check of fastening elements of units and mechanisms;
  • traction chain tension control;
  • checking the integrity of the elevator structures, detecting wear (mechanical or corrosive), permanent deformation and other damage;
  • lubrication of the main parts and assemblies;
  • monitoring the condition of equipment and its fixtures, circuits, electrical wiring, mine fencing, platform fencing;
  • Change of oil
  • other operations (if necessary).

DIASON Service Types

  • monthly;
  • quarterly;
  • by agreement (depends on the type of equipment and its operating conditions).

DIASON Service maintenance Benefits

  • vast experience in the design, manufacture, installation and installation of lifting equipment;
  • We work throughout Ukraine;
  • own service teams and vehicles;
  • the availability of all spare parts;
  • troubleshooting of any complexity occurs as soon as possible.

How to order DIASON service

To order our services, just call 0 (67) 755-60-09 or make a request by mail

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