Two-storey garage
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Two-storey garage


Carrying capacity

till 3t

Roof material

Sandwich panel K60PP

Wall material

Sandwich panel K60PP

Platform coverage type

corrugated / plain painted metal sheet

Warranty period

from 24 months (upon concluding a service contract – 36 months)

* The value of the parameters can vary, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Two-storey garage: description, characteristics and features

Two-level garage: design features

The two-storey garage is a novelty in the range of the DIASON automotive segment. Its purpose is to double the number of parking spaces in a limited space.

It is based on a simple and practical combination of tried and tested components: a post-type parking lift and a special sandwich panel frame.

The basic configuration of a two-story garage includes:

  1. Lifting platform.
  2. Console lifting mechanism.
  3. Oil station.
  4. Remote Control
  5. Safety system.
  6. Frame made of sandwich panels
  7. Roller shutter.

How does a two-level garage work?

After opening the roller shutter, the car drives into the lifting platform. After activating the lift button on the control panel, a mechanism is launched that raises the platform with the vehicle to the upper position. A space is created under the raised platform for a second vehicle to enter.

Thus, 2 cars can be placed on 1m physical parking space.

Scope of application of a two-story garage

The device can be used in many areas:

  • parking;
  • private households;
  • trading companies;
  • hotel industry;
  • a lot others.

Two-story garage: smartphone control

Almost every DIASON lift can be controlled using a regular smartphone running IOS or Android. This will increase the cost of the product construction to a minimum, but will provide a number of significant advantages.

Benefits of using a wireless module:

  • the convenience of using lifting equipment will significantly increase;
  • increasing the level of safety – outsiders will not be able to activate the lift;
  • the emergence of significant potential for the formation of a single Smart-system (when using several pieces of equipment).

управление при помощи смартфона

DIASON duplex garage price

The exact cost of manufacturing each piece of equipment is always formed individually. When forming the price, the dimensions and carrying capacity of the product are taken into account, as well as the customer’s wishes for optional equipment.

Order manufacturing and buy a two-story garage

The technical specialists of our company are ready to design and manufacture a two-story garage of any scale and complexity – from a typical to a unique exclusive solution.

To order or receive advice, leave a request on the website or call one of the specified numbers.

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