Vertical lift case tipper
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Vertical lift case tipper
Carrying capacity

Up to 5 tons

Lifting height

Up to 10m

Skip dimensions

Up to 1.5 * 1.5 * 1.5m

Basic equipment

Rack gear, hydraulic station, control panel, removable skip

Optional equipment

Stainless steel skip for food production

Warranty period

from 24 months (upon conclusion of a service contract – 36 months)

* The value of the parameters can vary, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Vertical lift case tipper: description, specifications and features

Vertical lift case tipper: design features

Skip lift or vertical lift case tipper – specialized equipment designed to lift bulk small-sized cargo to a height and mechanize the loading of receiving hoppers.

According to the method of unloading, skips are distinguished, which are unloaded through the bottom, and tipping skips.

The design of skip hoists makes it easy to dose bulk goods in volume. Skip hoists can be used in any process.

Skip hoist: main components

  • base – support frame is designed to transfer the load from the weight of the lift and the load to be lifted onto the supporting surface.
  • rack – frame with guides for movement of a bucket (skip) in them
  • skip – bucket for loading into it and lifting bulk material in it
  • drive – power unit, moves the bucket along the guide. In the extreme positions of the bucket, limit switches are installed to limit the movement of the bucket and automate the reception of extreme positions during the working cycle.

Vertical lift case tipper: installation features

The nuances of the installation of this type of equipment directly depend on the specifics of the technological processes of production in which it should be integrated.

Often, the installation looks like fixing the skip structure to the bunker. A method using fastening to the floor or to the supporting elements of a building is also used.

The required voltage for the system is 380V.

Scope of rollover lifts

The use of such devices will be a solution for:

  • Mine;
  • Scrap metal processing enterprises;
  • Food industry enterprises;
  • Mechanical engineering;
  • Construction.
  • Industrial areas, etc.

DIASON Vertical lift case tipper: Benefits

  • allow to speed up the reception and delivery of goods and reduce the number of employees involved;
  • allows you to make the unloading process quick and convenient
  • all components for lifts are made only by well-known European manufacturers;
  • wide range of options for more efficient and safe operation;
  • minimum equipment warranty is 24 months;
  • all design and manufacturing processes take place at one enterprise – from the creation of the drawing to the delivery of equipment to the finished goods warehouse.

DIASON skip lift price

The exact cost of manufacturing each of the lifts is always individually formed. When pricing, the dimensions and carrying capacity of the product, as well as the wishes of the customer for optional equipment, are taken into account.

Order manufacture and buy a skip hoist

The technical specialists of our company are ready to design and manufacture a skip hoist with a rollover of any scale and complexity – from a typical to a unique exclusive solution.

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