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01. Consultations on the choice of lifting equipment

Our managers will provide the necessary amount of information on the issue you are interested in – whether it is a cargo lift, a cottage elevator or a lift for people with disabilities (disabled people).

Taking into account your wishes, our specialists will offer you the optimal solution for the type of lifting equipment and an additional set of options that will ensure reliable and safe operation of the lifting equipment (for example: cargo area guard, light and sound warning system and much more).

02. Design of lifting equipment

Designing of the equipment our engineers-designers carry out with the help of modern design programs taking into account your wishes and needs. Creating a project involves several stages, each of which has a direct impact on the final result. We assign great importance to the preparation of the technical task, which reflects the full list of requirements for the developed facility, the identification of quality indicators among them and the search for functionally effective solutions to meet your interests.

03. Supply

After the selection of equipment and the approval of the project, a contract for the supply, installation and adjustment of equipment is concluded, if the customer so desires, the equipment can be independently exported and installed. In the specification, the contract specifies the equipment equipment, the technical characteristics of the equipment, the delivery time, payment terms, guarantee obligations, etc.

04. Mounting

Installation of equipment is carried out in accordance with licenses and permits. The work is carried out by specialists who have undergone compulsory education and necessary advanced training courses using modern equipment.

05. Metal cutting and bending with CNC

Our company provides services of cutting and bending of metal using modern equipment manufactured by Ermaksan. Hydraulic bending press and guillotine with numerical control (numerical program control) will provide high accuracy and excellent quality of cutting and bending. Advantages of the Ermaksan hydraulic bending press: • high accuracy of cutting felling; • high performance; • absence of a human factor; • the installation is automatically calibrated each time it starts, which positively affects the result of the operation. Our equipment allows us to bend: • ferrous metals from 0.5 to 6mm; • ferrous metals from 0.5 to 4 mm; • The maximum length is 3100 mm. Orders are executed both from own material, and from the material provided by the customer. The cost of bending and metal cutting is calculated individually for each customer and depends on the volume of the order.

06. CNC turning and milling work

The presence in our arsenal of equipment of the turning and milling unit HAASST10 and experienced technical specialists allows us to provide our customers with services for precision manufacturing and processing of metal parts of any complexity by specified parameters.

The thickness range with which HAASST10 can work ranges from 6 to 170mm. The length is up to 240mm (RMC). Technical specialists of our company are ready to design and implement an order of any scale and complexity – from a typical to a unique exclusive solution.

To order or receive a consultation, leave a request on the site or call one of the indicated numbers.

07. Service

Our company provides a full service package, which includes maintenance of equipment in the warranty and post warranty period, as well as performing current and overhaul repairs of own equipment and third-party equipment. The presence of a network of service branches makes it possible to react quickly to changes in the operation of equipment.

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