Tail lift: features and benefits
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We continue our rubric – Expert advice. Today, our manager, Vladimir, will share his experience. So, let’s begin!

статья про консольную перегрузочную площадку

What is a tail lift or cantilevered dock?

The focus of our attention today is one of the options for lifting equipment, namely the console loading platform. This type of lift is made on the principle of an automobile “tail lift”, the working platform of which can be in a vertical position when unloading is not performed.

Where and for what is a hydroboard used?

The console loading platform is used for unloading/loading vehicles with different side heights directly into the premises. It is usually installed in stores or warehouses where it is not required or not possible to use forklifts. Unloading is carried out with the help of rokla.

статья про преимущества консольной площадки гидроборт преимущества

What are the features of the installation of the loading platform?

To install such a lift, it is necessary to prepare a concrete base with metal embedded elements, to which the lower part of the lift will be attached and which will serve as a counterweight. And one more embedded element above the loading opening, to which the upper part of the lift will be attached. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the wall on which the upper embedded element will be made must be made of high-quality material and withstand the load. When the hoist is operating, there will be a pull-off load. If there is a significant difference between the level of the warehouse and the level of asphalt, for example 1.5 m, the lower concrete base must be made 700 mm high. from the asphalt level. This will provide the possibility of unloading vehicles with a side height of 800 mm. (minimum side height), up to 1500 mm. (maximum side height).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing a cantilever dock?

  1. The lift is mounted directly next to the wall of the building and takes up a minimum of space outside it;
  2. The working platform, after unloading, folds into a vertical position and does not interfere with pedestrians and cars;
  3. All lift hydraulics (hydraulic cylinder, oil station) are located on the top of the lift and are covered with a protective cover. Which gives it a more aesthetic look.
  4. The possibility of manufacturing a platform with any angle of the car entrance, which often helps out when the space for the entrance is limited.
  5. The presence on the platform of protective, folding fences.

гидроборт и его особенности


Having familiarized yourself with these theses, it will not take much effort to decide on the appropriateness of using a tail lift. And if you have additional questions, you can always contact us and get comprehensive expert support.

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